Team Collaboration Program

The Team Collaboration Program is made up of three key phases. The first is a process of discovery meetings to understand the unique needs of the team. The second is a 2-day workshop where the team creates their collaboration program. The final phase is the embedding process where the ADKAR change model is used to sustain the teams new collaboration program.
Expected Outcomes:
Your team will know why they exist and how they create value for the business.
Your team will be clear on their priorities, know what work they will share and with whom, and what they won’t.
You and your team will make commitments to each other about how everyone will collaborate.
Your team will hold each other accountable to their commitments.
Your team will know the simple processes and routines they will follow to most efficiently and effectively deliver on your shared priorities.
Your team will have an ongoing plan and actions that ensure they keep learning and growing.

Are you ready for a different approach towards building your high performing team?

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